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09 July 2007

The UK And The Two Sisters, Part I

Great Britain would be the fourth trip I would make with the same companion. I had to end this trip a week earlier than planned. The reason why I do not want to get into this matter is because trust was ashamed and a friendship ended here. Nevertheless I coped with it in the diary but in a very abstract way; pictures of arrows, and numbers in a countdown.
I won't go into the matter further.

The two sisters were pointed out to me by several people. When we arrived at their door we were warmly welcomed. They were about to have a sandwich but they stopped eating because of us. After I took their photograph, they wanted to point out another interesting address and they did that with verve.One of them saw our rental car and said, “Oh, what a nice car that is. Can I sit in it?” She had never been in such a beautiful car before and first I thought she wanted to go for a ride with us. But no, she wanted to sit behind the wheel and I had to take her picture.

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Michal said...

Whatever, is there a prize for both arrows in one image? Good: