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07 May 2007

Views In Rain and Sun

I took these photographs from our hotel in the town of Neureichenau, Germany.

Domestic Landscapes is a parallel story about atmosphere and light on the one side, and authenticity and originality on the other. In the beginning I tried to take the landscapes in black and white, but the format does not capture the information about the interior that is so important for this work; the color of the atmosphere and the light.

But I just love black and white photography; I need to be in the darkroom once in a while. I am highly inspired by Daido Moriyama, Walker Evans, and Aaron Siskind when I take these black and white pictures. It is a second way of taking photographs; they are made by my belly. It is not at all about technique; it is all about composition, moment and feeling.

And as I’ve said elsewhere, the story is also about me I simply have to make these photographs. There is no way I can, or want to, resist the need to do so. When shooting in black and white, I shoot with that sense of feeling rather than with my mind. Lovely!