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28 September 2007

Making Do With What You Have

You can tell the houses are small by the way the Napolitanos dry their laundry.Here is another example of how people know how to take advantage of the limited space they have. Those living in this home grew their grapes in their courtyard, but the sun hit the front of the house, so they made a hole in the wall for the vines; the vines thus grew toward the light.

26 September 2007

A Matter Of Convenience

Another way of transportation (in Naples) is the basket on a rope.When people live on the top floor and somebody comes along for a delivery, they let down the basket to avoid having to go up and down all the narrow stairs.

25 September 2007

Italian Streets, Italian Alleys, Part II

Yet, Italy is the place for motorcycles.
You will stumble upon them all over, especially in the cities.You’ll find they’re also used for all transportation needs.

24 September 2007

Italian Streets, Italian Alleys, Part I

Many cities are built on top of mountains and hills. It means that there is limited space. Streets are therefore very often very narrow and cannot be taken by car or motorcycle.