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06 July 2007

A Goodbye To Spain

Elvita was a very funny and lively lady who lived by herself in a very big house. We were with her for more than an hour and a half because she never stopped talking about her life, her husband who drank all their money away (and who was in the hospital now) and about the land she was selling to get the money to finish the restoration of her big house. She had to convert it into a hostel; the guests that would come would make her some money again.In the meantime she fed the chickens, the ducks, and the rabbits, and showed us the new plumbing that was built-in, but still not covered with cement, because she ran out of money, and it went on and on and we were sorry to have to leave her while she was waiving us goodbye...


Ana said...

Hi Bert,
I really admire your photography job. The way you dive into people's lives through their houses.
I am studying photography, and I invite you to visit my last job:


The texts are in spanish.... sorry, i hope sb can translate it for u until i do so.



Bert Teunissen said...

Hi Ana,
I tried to take a look at oyur work, but the link does not seem to work...
Thank you for your compliment anyway.