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10 July 2007

The Two Sisters, Part II

They were a lovely couple and they too were farming sheep like all the rest. We were there in the midst of the lambing, in fact. Every farmer was working long days and facing fox attacks. Fox attacks are a common matter to British farmers.

As you may know, the British have banned the traditional fox hunt (with the pack of dogs and hunters on horses). The dogs chase the fox until it is caught. The fox is then torn up by the dogs. The hunt is a very old tradition.

Constant protests from people in Britain’s big cities, who have no idea what’s going on in the countryside, led to the law’s passing. You have to understand that foxes kill for pleasure. I visited one farmer who just had returned from a meadow, where he found twenty-five of his lambs killed by a fox; the fox had only snapped their little necks—not one of them was eaten. I heard this story throughout England: pointless killing of their livestock is what farmers now have to face as a result of the hunting law change.

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