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11 July 2007


The fox hunt law isn’t isolated. The last few years, politicians in the UK have passed a number of laws drastically affecting the lives of British farmers. Many of them consider ending their business. I have spoken with some who’ve left their homes in the valley for the first time, to protest new country and hunting laws in London. These farmers were in their eighties.

Dutch visitors to Spain have begun protesting the bull fighting there, because they believe it to be cruel; in the meantime, we in Holland are one of the biggest producers of meat. And you should go and have a look how we breed and raise our livestock. It happens in the most terrible way. The chickens we eat are not even eight weeks old, and have been treated with hormones and antibiotics. The animal itself is too weak to stand on its feet. Pregnant pigs have labor induced on Thursdays, so the farmer does not have to stay up all night, all week, waiting. They’re bred to exact standards of size and weight, processed in batches at the same age. They only see sunlight when they leave for the slaughterhouse.

This I tell you just to show you what I have encountered on my travels; the country side is being abandoned and nobody knows where the food that we eat every day is coming from anymore. Actually: where does it come from? All the farming land in Europe lies fallow!

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