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18 July 2007

"Right To Roam"

A very important law enacted is the so-called "right to roam" law (officially, the Countryside and Rights of Way Act). If you follow the links at Naturenet (start here), you’ll find that farming and grazing land is not automatically excluded from this law.

This means that travelers have the right to walk wherever and whenever they like. Any farmer has to accept that any person can walk through his fields and even his yard. The farmer is obliged to provide anyone who asks with passage. The people from the city who take advantage of this law come to the countryside to walk and camp, even during breeding-time. They disturb birds and cause damage to crops.

Also, when cows have calves they come and guess what: they see a little calf, approach it to stroke it, and get attacked by the mother cow. The farmer now is responsible for the damage the roamer has suffered and will be prosecuted and sued. Yet the farmer is not allowed to chase these people from his property to prevent things like this to happen.Personally I think these laws are ridiculous and have only been passed for political reasons. I think that city people have been misled by the so called nature-friends-activists in order to get the votes to change these laws.

This is another example of how we are getting further away from nature, becoming aliens in our own world. We don't want to know how you need to kill an animal in order to get its meat on the plate; we don’t want their cultivation to interfere with our desire to feel we’re masters of our land; yet we demand our food comes cheap every day.

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