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23 July 2007

Largs, Arran, Kyntire

The skyline of Largs, on the coast across the Isle of Arran. We spent the night there before taking a boat to Arran, and from there to Kyntire.

On Kyntire we spent some time on the estate of Dunmore with friends of my companions. It was a very old big traditional Scottish manor where, when in full glory, there used to live some twenty-plus people. Now, only the owner lives there with his wife and daughter. The house is far too big for them. You could see the decay; the house is too big to be made sufficiently warm, and so moisture takes its toll.The place is like nothing else on this earth; it is the end of the world facing the sea, surrounded by the most beautiful old trees. It really has this haunted feeling. I was reminded of the old Sherlock Holmes movies.

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