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02 July 2007


In the north part of Asturias people make cider. In the pubs and restaurants over there the waiter will pour the cider by holding the glass in his left hand way below his waist and the bottle as high as possible in his right hand. Then he pours the cider in the glass in a trickle from the bottle. In the meantime he looks straight ahead; not at the bottle and not at the glass. He will spill some of the cider when it falls splashing into the glass, but the spilled cider collects in a pond-like structure in the middle of the bar. In the middle of this pond there is the table on which the bottles and glasses stand. The drinkers sit on high stools around the pond, waiting until their glass is filled. They do it this way because the cider needs exposure to a lot of air before you drink it.

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