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01 October 2007

Richard Ross/John R. MacArthur Lecture, Opening Remarks

What follows are opening remarks to a lecture and conversation between Richard Ross and John R. (Rick) MacArthur, regarding Ross's work and his book Architecture of Authority, published by Aperture this fall. The remarks were made by Diana Edkins, Director of Exhibitions and Limited Edition Prints.

To read the first installment of the conversation between Ross and MacArthur, click here.

DE: Good evening, and thank you very much for joining us here at Aperture Foundation for our first educational program of the fall season. My name is Diana Edkins, Director of Exhibitions and Limited Edition Photographs at Aperture.

We will be featuring Richard Ross’s exhibition, Architecture of Authority, next May, and I hope you all come back for that. And I am pleased to welcome Rick McArthur, and Richard Ross tonight, for what I’m sure will be a very provocative discussion of Richard’s work.

Richard Ross has taught at the University of California Santa Barbara since 1977. He has published nearly a dozen books, including Museology, published by Aperture in 1989. We are thrilled to be working with him again. He has just received, in 2007, a Guggenheim Fellowship for this project, Architecture of Authority. It is a comprehensive socio-political investigation of architectural spaces that exert psychological power over the individuals within them. Ross’s approach to photography is to show you an idea and then ask you to think it through for yourselves.

Rick McArthur is president and publisher of Harper’s Magazine, and an award-winning journalist and author. He writes monthly columns for The Providence Journal in English and for Montreal’s Le Devoir, in French. Since 1994, the magazine has received eleven National Magazine Awards, the industry’s highest recognition.

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