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02 October 2007

The Padre, And Cathedrals

A very important figure in the south of Italy is the holy Padre Pino. You will find his image all over the place and in every house there is a picture of him on the wall.A resemblance above, perhaps.Being a very Catholic country, the churches and cathedrals are true pieces of art and richness.Old graves of important priests can be found with the most impressive sizes and decorations.


Kelly said...

Dear Bert Teunissen,
my wife and I visited your great exhibition "Domestic Landscapes" in Krefeld today and we are very enthusiastic about your pictures. Thanks a lot for your wonderful, photographic "Erinnerungsarbeit" against the forgetting of the rural world and its people, going to vanish forever these days. You can read what I wrote (in German) about that exhibition on my blog (incl. some photos): http://unter-geiern.blogspot.com/2007/10/die-letzten-ihrer-art.html

Bert Teunissen said...

Well Kelly,
I just read your report on your weblog and I thank you for all these compliments!
I'm on my way To Bulgaria right now (my last internet-connection for a long time I'm afraid) where I hope to be able to continue my "Erinnerungsarbeit".
Keep watching my website and you will find the results in a while.
Thanks again and best regards, Bert

lanto said...

Dear Bert,
I have just discovered your work andvisited you website.Your doing something precious. To preserve ou memory, to portray those who have born before television.... thank you. I am going to follow you through the website.
note: he is callegd Padre Pio (not Pino) which in Italian sounds very funny :)
Thnks again. Good luck.