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31 July 2007

Good Men And True

In Wales, we found a shepherd named Erwyd Howells. He seemed to be the right guy to takes us around and point out the interesting places. He knew all about the region's history, and actually even wrote a book about it which was due to be published, titled Good Men and True.

At first, he didn't understand what we wanted and he brought us to the wrong places. You could tell that he felt uncomfortable but nevertheless he managed to show us a few good sites.

The very next day he was busy and couldn't do anything for us. He had to slaughter two lambs for another shepherd. But the following day he called us up and told us that he had figured it out. Suddenly, he had a whole lot of other places that he wanted to show to us. This is something that happens often. Once someone starts thinking about the whole subject, thoughts keep coming. In the end, you will have seen everything that could be of interest for you.

Erwyd enjoyed the ride through the Welsh countryside next to me and the talks with all his acquaintances. In the end we managed to collect a great series of Welsh households.

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