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14 June 2007

The Harbor in Portosin

I started the trip to Spain in Portosin, a small fishing town on the west coast of Galicia. I photographed the harbor at night from my hotel window (see above).Earlier, I visited the harbor as the fishing boats were coming in to unload their carriage: mostly horse mackerel or carapau, a small fish that normally only locals eat. In Holland it is the cheapest fish you can buy and when you can it is mostly bought by foreigners. I learned to appreciate this fish in Japan where it is called aji. There is a very tasty appetizer called aji no tataki which is absolutely delicious but is nothing more than chopped aji mixed with freshly chopped ginger, chiso, and a little bit of soy sauce.

A woman ferries ice to cover each fish-filled crate with a shuffle. The harbor has its own ice factory and the woman went along to every unloading ship.The harbor is at its busiest at night; while the ships come in, the pubs are all open for drinks and bites to eat.

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