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23 May 2007


The worse thing of all (see the last post: "Skybox") was that Miho had to return to Tokyo and therefore never had the chance to improve on the job. I'm very sorry she had to go in such circumstances. Miho, the pictures that we did make together are simply beautiful!

Alarmed, I decided to be even more careful with my next and last assistant, Yoshiko (seen here photographing a massage therapy session), who arrived on Miho's last day in Wakayama. Yoshiko would stay with me for the rest of the trip; we would have 6 days in total. With her I thought I might have a chance to build a real team.

First we tried our luck in a little harbour where I started my trip in Wakayama. I had seen some more places that looked good to me but I never had the chance to check them out, because we always had to leave once we were there. I watched Yoshiko closely when she gave her first performance and after the second idle attempt I saw what she was doing wrong. It seemed she was trying to sell something to the other person and that, of course, didn't work. After I tried to explain to her what I had seen, I told her to try and do it simply, her own way. We called it a day and left for the south to our Bay Hotel in Minabe Town.

(This was a great place by the way, the owners really made you feel at home and the cooking was great.)

After a while Yoshiko began to get lucky, and I saw she was enjoying it when she found success. She loosened up and started to get the right feeling. It was good to see her being herself and approaching people with great confidence and in a very natural way.

I found the places and she got me in time after time.

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